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Short Term Photo and Video Preservation Storage

Image by Brina Blum

We can digitize and put your photos on DVDs, USBs and other forms of physical media. This can be a fast and simple photo preservation solution. However, it is not a long term solution, as  these physical forms of storage are subject to damage, breakage, being lost, or even file format changes that can can put your digital memories at risk. In addition, because they are physical, this makes it more of a challenge to share your memories with your loved ones. Click here to learn about cloud-based storage and why it is a great solution.

Image by Chris Yates
Image by Samsung Memory

We Preserve Old Photos and Videos

- Computers

- External hard drives

- SD cards

- USB drives

- CDs

- DVDs 

- & more!

For customized Digitizing Photo and Video Preservation packages, inquire today for a discounted rate. 

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