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We use a proprietary process to preserve your memories.

Preservation Services

Family Photos in B&W
Flashing camera icon symbolizing the digitalization of analog photos. Experience the transformation of timeless memories into a digital format with My Digital Memories.


Preserve your precious memories by converting old photos into digital format, making them easy to share and enjoy for years to come.

VHS Tapes
HS tape icon representing the transition from analog to digital. Bring your cherished memories into the digital age with My Digital Memories, ensuring compatibility with modern devices and preventing degradation over time.


Bring your old VHS tapes into the digital age, ensuring your cherished videos can be played on modern devices and won't degrade over time.

Audio Cassettes
cassette  tape

Cassette Tape

Give new life to your cassette tapes by digitizing them, so you can enjoy your music or recordings without worrying about tape degradation.

Kodak Slides
Slides icon illustrating the conversion of analog slides to digital images. Relive and share your cherished memories seamlessly with My Digital Memories, eliminating the need for slide projectors.


Convert your 35mm slides to digital images, allowing you to relive and share your memories without the hassle of slide projectors.

Reel of film


Preserve family moments by converting old home movies into digital format, making it easy to watch and share with loved ones.

photo restoration before and after
Paint palette icon symbolizing photo restoration. Restore and enhance damaged or aging photos with My Digital Memories, preserving the original quality and ensuring your pictures remain in pristine condition.

Photo Restoration

Restore and enhance damaged or aging photos, bringing back the original quality and ensuring your pictures remain in pristine condition.

Negatives Images


Uncover hidden stories in forgotten film negatives. Embrace analog nostalgia and rediscover the magic of your own history. Let the past come to life through the lens of your memories.

Vinyl Record
vinyl, record, single, 45 rpm, groove, s


Revive your vinyl record collection by cleaning, restoring, and transferring your favorite music to digital format for convenient modern playback.

Organize Your Photos and Videos Effortlessly - Never Struggle to Find that Special Moment Again!

We work with you to:

  • Gather Your Photos and Videos

  • File Management

  • Duplicate Removal

  • Project Comple​tion

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Memories Fade, But They Don't Have To: Protecting Your Precious Photos and Media

Have you ever dug out an old box of photos or stumbled upon a dusty videotape in the attic, only to find the once vibrant memories faded and unplayable? Unfortunately, the passage of time is relentless, and our cherished media isn't immune. The harsh reality is, even treasured films, photographs, and videos have a limited lifespan before decay sets in.

Here's a sobering glimpse into the average lifespan of different media:

While these are average estimates, factors like storage conditions, temperature, humidity, and light exposure can significantly shorten their lifespan. Imagine the heartbreak of discovering your wedding video unplayable or your childhood photos bleached and brittle. That's why it's crucial to take proactive steps to preserve your precious memories before it's too late.

What does a Media Archivist Do?

Think of a Media Archivist as a guardian angel for your fading memories. These skilled experts possess the knowledge, tools, and techniques to breathe new life into your damaged or degraded media and specialize in preservation. 

Here's how they can work wonders:

  • Restore faded colors and sharpen blurry images: Say goodbye to washed-out hues and grainy textures. Restoration specialists can bring back the vibrancy and clarity of your photos and slides.

  • Repair physical damage: Tears, cracks, scratches, and even mold damage can be addressed and minimized, significantly improving the visual quality of your media.

  • Convert outdated formats: VHS tapes and film negatives might be relics of the past, but the memories they hold are timeless. Professionals can convert them into digital formats, ensuring accessibility and longevity.

  • Future-proof your memories: By digitizing and storing your media properly, you create a digital legacy that transcends physical limitations and ensures long-term preservation.

Investing in professional media archivist might seem like an expense, but consider it an investment in the future. It's about safeguarding your irreplaceable memories, ensuring they can be cherished for generations to come. Don't let time steal your precious moments – take action today and contact a professional to preserve your priceless memories for a lifetime.

Remember, memories are priceless, and sometimes, a little professional help goes a long way in keeping them alive.

Customer Satisfaction
is our #1 Priority


"Jeffrey Kay has done a fantastic job transferring my videos from CD to the cloud. His response time, professionalism and engagement along the process was absolutely phenomenal. He has given me the opportunity to share videos with my family that they either have not seen before or haven't seen for a long time. I highly recommend Jeffrey Kay for any transfer of videos, old movies, pictures or tapes that you want to preserve and share for a lifetime."


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